Andrew and Sarah walking in the yellow tunnel.

Fall Foliage Walk

A couple of  weekends ago, our friend Sarah was visiting and we headed down the road to The Rocks Estate for a fall foliage walk in Bethlehem, NH.  The Rocks Estate is owned by The Society for the Protection of NH Forests and this particular property is mainly a Christmas Tree Farm.  We’ve hiked here…

Alden looking for fish in the canoe.

Long Pond

The other day we decided to head out for a canoe ride on Long Pond in Benton, NH.  Long Pond is within the White Mountain National Forest and as its’ name describes it is a very long, narrow, and somewhat shallow pond.  This was Alden and Lindsay’s first visit to Long Pond, but Andrew had…

We stopped for a family photo.

Beating the Heat in the Basin

Last weekend we beat the heat by heading to The Basin in Franconia Notch State Park in Franconia, NH.  The Basin is one of many roadside natural attractions in the park, that has well developed accessible trails that showcase the dramatic beauty.  Our friend Sarah joined us for this adventure too!

Andrew popping out of a crawl space and about to head into another cave.

Lost in the Caves

Last weekend the weather forecast said it was going to be hot.  So we decided to head somewhere that was cool.  We went crawling through caves at Lost River Gorge.  This tourist adventure park is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the property is owned by the Society for the Protection of NH Forests, but…

Playing trains on the train tracks.

Trains and Waterfalls

Last weekend we headed over to Crawford Notch in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We wanted to go on a short hike to Ripley Falls, which is reported to be the second highest waterfall in NH.  The trailhead is easy to find within Crawford Notch State Park off of Route 302.  A large sign lets…

A little fishing when we get back on land.

First Boat Ride

A few weeks ago we decided to take our canoe out for its’ first float of the season.  It was also Alden’s first ride in a boat on water, (he has been sitting and playing in our boats in the yard for a while now).  We loaded up two vehicles.  We will have to figure…